Option A: JPMotorservices Service Plan

Full Service

​​Prices From:

Petrol Car: £350.00

Petrol Van/4x4: £365.00

Diesel Car: £345.00

Diesel Van/4x4: £355.00

​​Prices From:



The recommended interval is every 48000 miles or 48 months and should be carried out every forth year and in sequence with the Full and Major services.

This is an exhaustive service covering 83 points including all items from the Major Service along with extras such as replacement of the gearbox or automatic transmission, front/rear differential and transfer box oils where applicable and more.​

Manufacturers Schedule Service

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Price on Request

Interim Service​​

Deluxe Service

Prices From:


​​​​Prices From:

Car: £135.00

Van/4x4: £150.00

The recommended interval is every 24000 miles or 24 months and should be carried out every other year and in sequence with the Full Service.

This is an extensive service covering 82 points including all items from the Full Service along with extras such as replacement of the cooling system fluid (Antifreeze), brake fluid, fuel filter (diesel only), spark plugs (if applicable) and more.​​​

Major Service

For all services a full report of any faults found and the required rectification work will be provided. Any subsequent work will only be carried out after authorisation from the customer has been gained.

If your vehicle is still within its manufacturers warranty period we will usually advise sticking to the schedule they have set. This is also available for all vehicles using our "Manufacturers Schedule Based Service" regardless of the age of your vehicle.

Carried out at any time between regular servicing to keep your engine running smoothly.

​Ideal for keeping your vehicle well-maintained, this service covers 13 points including an oil and filter change and a general health check of your car.

This is especially suited if you have done a period of high mileage or are about to go on a long journey.

JPMotorservices offer a comprehensive range of bespoke services as well as manufacturer's schedule service plans to suit all of your vehicle needs.

The recommended interval is every 12000 miles or 12 months and should be carried out every other year.

This is a very comprehensive service covering 79 points including all items from the Interim Service along with extras such as the replacement of selected additional filters, greasing ball joints and shafts (where applicable) and a comprehensive list of checks and adjustments, including drive train oils, auxiliary drive belts and cooling system.

The work carried out in a service varies between garages. ​Our services are designed to cover all aspects of your vehicles mechanical needs over the life of the vehicle.

To ensure you are getting a comprehensive service and value for money be sure to compare our Service Check Sheet against others and not just the price.

If you have any questions please Contact Us and we will be happy to guide you through the service plans and discuss any work required.

​The recommended interval is every 6000 miles or 6 months and should be carried out between larger services.

This service covers 50 points including replacing the engine oil and filter as well as an extensive range of checks and a report on important safety items such as the braking system.

Option B: Manufacturers Schedule Service Plan

Please Note: All services are based on standard requirements for an average vehicle, prices may go down or up depending on actual parts and quantities required. Vehicles requiring fully synthetic or specialist oils may increase the service price, please ask for a specific quotation. We may also recommend a variation of the service, however where a variation may increase the service cost will gain customer authorisation before commencement.

Prices From:

Petrol Car: £230.00

Petrol Van/4x4: £243.00

Diesel Car: £237.00

Diesel Van/4x4: £250.00

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Lubrication Service

(Oil and Filter)​​

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This is based on manufacturers recommended service intervals and operations provided by the market leading Autodata Technical Information.

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